How to Stop Being a “Debbie Downer”

By Shira Miller | November 30, 2020 |

Remember Debbie Downer, the Saturday Night Live character who always found a way to kill the mood at family celebrations by inappropriately mentioning feline AIDS, blood diamonds and whatever else is wrong in the world? She would have plenty of material to work with these days. However, there are some serious consequences to constantly diverting…

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3 Signs You are on the Wrong Path in Life

By Shira Miller | November 30, 2020 |

As a directionally challenged person who has gotten lost on rural highways, city streets and even certain cavernous parking decks, I consider GPS to be one of the best inventions of all time. Whatever mapping app you use though, there is one route it can’t navigate — your path in life. We all face certain…

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Tired of beating yourself up? 3 ways to shift from negative to positive reinforcement

By Shira Miller | November 23, 2020 |

Did your parents ever evoke the threat of the Bogeyman to get you to brush your teeth, clean your room, or eat broccoli? That imaginary object of fear, which I’m certain later inspired Jason, Freddy, and a whole host of shlocky 1980’s movie villains, could work wonders in getting kids to do stuff that they…

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Four Ways to Gain a More Authentic Life

By Shira Miller | October 20, 2020 |

Ever feel like you are moving to the beat of someone else’s drum? Making decisions based on parental expectations, sticking with an unfulfilling career or relationship because it meets the “plan” you created for your life or conforming to societal guidelines when your true self would like to take center stage? Unfortunately, it happens all…

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Yes, You Should Still Take a Vacation

By Shira Miller | July 14, 2020 |

Remember the “what I did over summer break” essay that was required when returning to elementary school each year? Even when my family couldn’t afford to travel, it felt good recounting all the stuff I did outside of the classroom – like riding my bicycle for miles around the streets of Columbia, South Carolina each…

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Leverage your childhood dreams to build a fulfilling career

By Shira Miller | June 19, 2020 |

As a kid, did you dream about playing professional sports, becoming a rock star, saving lives or boldly going where no one has gone before? The truth is that nearly 8 in 10 adults did not realize their childhood aspirations for one reason or another. However, you can still draw upon those feelings of excitement and…

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Facing hard times? Use visualization to claim more hope about your career

By Shira Miller | April 21, 2020 |

Right now, it feels like the world has gone to hell in a hand basket. Taken a detour into crazy town. Is headed up sh*t creek without a paddle. Whatever idiom you choose, the point is that we are living in some hard times with the spread of COVID-19. Just about everyone I know has…

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Four Lessons I Learned About Exercising at Home

By Shira Miller | March 30, 2020 |

Social butterfly. Outgoing. Gregarious. Sure, multiple elementary school teachers used those terms on report cards to let my parents know I talked too much in class. However you describe it, I am a hard-core extrovert. So when I first started embracing fitness back in the early 1990’s, exercising with others was part of the draw.…

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This one practice will help you become a better leader

By Shira Miller | January 16, 2020 |

If you tallied up the number of current websites, books, articles, webinars and conferences out there that focus on developing your leadership skills, it’s going to be a huge number. I bet it is somewhere north of the amount of U.S. adults who are video gamers (164 million), but less than the entire population of…

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Want to crush 2020? Here are 3 things you should stop doing

By Shira Miller | January 2, 2020 |

  Drum roll, please…we’ve just started a new year and decade all at once. After binging vintage videos of Barbara Walters saying “this is 2020” and perusing inspiring messages on social, chances are good you’ve thought about setting goals and resolutions. After all, 40% of Americans do just that each year. But if you really…

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