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Shira speaks about topics including well-being at work and at home, personal and professional transformation, creating resilient cultures, maximizing potential and employee engagement. She creates customized, interactive, entertaining and highly-effective presentations and workshops for industry conferences, business meetings, special events and corporate trainings. Shira’s presentations can be delivered in-person, virtually or in a hybrid format depending on your group’s needs.


Free and Clear: Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want

Free and Clear


Feeling stuck personally or professionally? Perhaps there’s always been a nagging sense that you are not living in alignment with your purpose – or that you are simply exhausted from putting everyone else’s needs above your own. Even when you try to shake it off, that spiraling sense of being stuck inevitably comes back, like a boomerang or shoulder pads as a fashion trend. And now you’re ready to do something about it. After conducting research to identify the 7 Things That Get People Stuck, Shira Miller has created a step-by-step process to help people get unstuck for good. This presentation will help participants find a new, fulfilling way forward.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify what has made you stuck
  • Cut through mental clutter to gain clarity
  • Set goals for your desired state of being
  • Find your purpose
  • Become more resilient
  • Build a healthy support system

Stop Apologizing

Increase your well-being, success, and happiness by setting boundaries and say “no” with ease

Stop Apologizing


Ever notice how often women say they are sorry – even when there is nothing to apologize for? A study at the University of Waterloo in Canada found that women apologize more frequently than men while social scientists have noted that females are often raised to be people pleasers from a young age. It can be easy to slip into that habit of “apology speak” in order to diffuse tension or avoid being disliked. But there is a steep price to pay. When you constantly apologize for no reason or make self-deprecating comments to hide your awesomeness, it diminishes the value of a woman’s ideas and accomplishments, setting you back professionally and personally. Within this upbeat, effective session, participants of all genders will learn how to stop making unnecessary apologies that aren’t doing you any favors.

Learning Objectives

  • Why it is more important than ever before to stop apologizing
  • How to break the cycle of unnecessary apology speak
  • Tips for setting boundaries and saying “no” with ease
  • How to create actionable steps specific to your own circumstances

Build a More Resilient Culture

Build a more resilient culture


Between the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing Great Resignation, millions of people are seeking more fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. In order to retain and attract top talent, your organization has to create a resilient culture that engages team members on a meaningful level. Learn how to increase your organizational and leadership resiliency in order to bounce back from adversity, overcome challenges and create a winning culture moving forward.

Learning Objectives

  • The keys to increasing resiliency
  • How to pivot with purpose
  • Choosing optimism as an organization
  • Reframe thinking and behaviors
  • Prioritize employee engagement
  • Ask the Miracle Question

How to Make Self-Care a Top Priority

How to make self-care a top priority


Some people believe focusing on self-care is selfish, especially during tumultuous circumstances. But there is nothing inconsiderate about prioritizing your well-being. Taking good care of yourself – through setting boundaries, exercise, improved nutrition, taking breaks, exploring fun hobbies, practicing mindfulness and more – enables you to better be present for loved ones, overcome obstacles, thrive professionally, and bring more goodness into your life overall. On a business level, empowering team members to prioritize self-care creates a happier, more productive and engaged workforce – which allows you to retain and attract top talent in the most competitive hiring environment seen in generations.

Learning Objectives

  • Why it is more important than ever before to embrace well-being
  • How self-care can help you thrive professionally and personally
  • Tips for making self-care a priority
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • For organizations, we can also cover how to emphasize self-care in creating an overall culture of wellness

How to Master Self-Doubt

How to Master Self-Doubt


Has self-doubt kept you from fully claiming the success and happiness you deserve? Perhaps your organization has been innovative in the past, but now is stuck and losing momentum when every day counts. Customized to individuals looking to get unstuck or businesses that need to reclaim their mojo, this enlightening speech contains compelling case studies, proven tools, motivational stories, and strategies to help create the awesome outcomes you deserve.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify why you are stuck, and what to do about it
  • Learn how to remove obstacles and limiting beliefs
  • Introduce the three critical transformation questions that need to be asked
  • Leverage the gratitude rocket fuel exercise
  • Gain clarity and perspective
  • Develop strategies for maximizing and maintaining success

“Shira was a featured speaker at an Emory Alumni Association event for rising female leaders, and did a fantastic job energizing our participants. Through her witty, candid, and inspiring anecdotes, Shira walked the audience through strategies for mastering the art of self-advocacy. Since she is extremely well spoken and personable, guests were able to connect with her and feel comfortable sharing their own challenges. I recommend Shira for any leadership summit or motivational speaking event!”

Sarah Hay Rawls, Director, Alumni Career Services
Emory University Alumni Association

“Shira Miller recently spoke at a Public Relations Society conference and received some of the highest survey evaluations we've ever received. I was in the room, front row, for her presentation and got to marvel at the remarks she prepared, the way she engaged the crowds even before the speech began, the clarity of her insights, the humor and pathos of her delivery and the interactivity with the people assembled in her audience. Ultimately the entire room felt like community. She has a natural ability to bring out the best in others and to summon the art of storytelling to bring forth ideas that work. This was a speech about employee engagement, a critical topic and one of her areas of expertise. Folks left with dozens of new ideas they could immediately apply to their business. I highly recommend Shira as a speaker, coach and motivator. If you have a big group of people, she will be able to bring intimacy, interactivity and innovation to the group faster and better than nearly anyone I've seen.”

Stephen Michael Brown, Chief Innovation Officer
Cookerly PR – Atlanta

Shira Miller has a rare gift for putting an audience at ease and simultaneously creating engagement and inspiration. She doesn't stop at inspiration alone -- that would be the work of merely a "motivational" speaker. Shira is much more than that! She is truly a transformational speaker. Not only does she highlight what's possible for people who want to excel in life and in work, Shira also lays out a specific blueprint for action. People leave her presentations with clear next steps for creating a life and work they love. Priceless.

Michelle Goss, CPCC, LLMCC
Coaching for Success & Happiness

5 Tips for Mastering Self-Advocacy

Dealing with your Inner Saboteur

Three Levels of Listening

Five Reasons to Hire Shira to Speak

  • You are the focus

    Shira takes time to learn about your goals, messaging and the strategic intent of the meeting. Leveraging her 25 years of award-wining communications expertise, she creates a customized, dynamic presentation for your organization.

  • Generates results

    Whether you are looking to enhance performance, build more cohesive teams, improve culture or help jumpstart long-lasting, positive change, Shira’s presentation helps deliver the outcomes you seek.

  • Entertaining and inspirational

    An energetic, down-to-earth storyteller, Shira uses research, case studies and inspirational stories to motivate audiences to unleash their inner rock star and activate their full potential.

  • Promotes experiential learning

    People learn more effectively by immediately incorporating new concepts. A Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Shira maximizes audience engagement with peer-to-peer coaching exercises and interactive components.

  • Professional

    As the Chief Communications Officer of a $2 billion company and a former entrepreneur, Shira understands the value of your time. All phone calls and emails will be returned promptly and deadlines will always be met.

Want me to Speak?

Interested in having me speak at an upcoming event? I’d love to learn more about it. Please complete the information below and I will follow up with you shortly!


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