Make Your Comeback Greater Than Your Setback: 3 Ways to Pivot With Purpose

We’ve all had setbacks that affected us at work, home, or both at the same time. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always appreciated a great comeback story. Like Michael Milken, the former financier who went to prison for racketeering and securities fraud, was then released after two years for good behavior and has spent the past 30-plus…
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Unleash Your Inner Butterfly at Work – Why, and 4 Ways To Start

I’ve always enjoyed a great transformation story. Like when Han Solo evolved from living in the shadows as a smuggler into one of the leading heroes of the original Star Wars trilogy, or singer Adele’s healthy living journey after she started focusing on her well-being. But the most impressive transformation process is something I learned about in…
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Feed your mind to improve mood and overall wellbeing: here are 10 ways to do it better

When I was growing up, my first exposure to nutrition advice came courtesy of a 1970s cartoon PSA called “Time for Timer.” Within this retro gem, a bouncing animated character told us that we are what we eat, recommending some healthier options for breakfast and other meals that contrasted greatly with my Captain Crunch and Little Debbie-cake-fueled…
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Break Free Now: Recognize the 6 Telltale Signs You’re Stuck and Take Action

Kind of thinking you might be stuck, but aren’t sure? Let’s talk about that for a moment. The truth is that the feeling of being stuck in your professional or personal life—or both at the same time—is common. I define the term stuck as being at odds with your desired life circumstances. You don’t live…
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Free Up Your Mental Energy by Making This Summer a Season of Completion

It doesn’t matter where you grew up in the United States, or even when — just about everyone I know at some point had to write an essay or give a presentation about their summer vacation at the onset of the new school year. For me, that always involved two highlights — a road trip…
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10 Things Ted Lasso Can Teach Us About Being a Great Leader

When I first started watching Ted Lasso a couple of years ago, it was a ray of light during the heaviness of the pandemic. In case you haven’t seen this delightful streaming comedy, it’s about a well-intentioned “fish out of water” American coach who transforms an elite UK football team’s performance and the lives of everyone around…
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Transform Your Mindset and Achieve More Joy with This One Powerful Reframing Tip

Are you the kind of person who fixates on one mistake or adverse comment after receiving an avalanche of praise? Ever find yourself consistently paying more attention to bad news over good? That’s true for many individuals and I’ve certainly been guilty of it in the past. However, when you consistently choose pessimism over optimism,…
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Get Inspired! 4 Tips to Drawing Inspiration from Your Favorite Pop Culture Icons

For me, having a great conversation is like scoring a winning lottery ticket that pays out in joy instead of cash. So, you can imagine my excitement when Joe Boyd, CEO of Leadercast, asked me this intriguing question during our recent interview for his podcast: Who was a mythical / fictional mentor to you growing up? I…
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Want to learn to live in the moment? Try these 5 things

Living in the moment. Being more present. Embracing mindfulness. Whatever you call it, research has shown that being aware of and focusing on your current circumstance – rather than ruminating constantly on the past or what lies ahead, improves your well-being and ability to handle stress. However, while the concept sounds great, many over-achievers, for lack of…
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3 Ways to Have More Fun at Work – and One Thing You Should Never Do

Are you are used to keeping certain items separate? You know, things like church and state, ensuring the peas on your plate go nowhere near the mashed potatoes and always sitting your mom and Aunt Edna at opposite sides of the room to avoid World War III. Apply that to the workplace, and you might…
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