Want more wins? Try These 3 Ways to Use Failure as Rocket Fuel for Future Successes

When you think of Sir Richard Branson, what comes to mind? Perhaps charming billionaire, incredibly successful entrepreneur, or the media darling who has his own island?  All those monikers are true, and here’s another one to add to the list – failure. Yes, Branson has crushed it with career highlights including Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines,…
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Increase Your Self-Confidence with This 10-Minute Reverse Bucket List Exercise

Between AI deep fakes, political machinations, and manufactured social media influencers, it can be difficult to trust others these days. When it comes to believing in yourself, though, that’s another story. Not trusting your judgment and actions can lead to tremendous self-doubt, which is a one-way ticket to getting stuck. When you experience self-doubt you…
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5 Ways to Love Yourself Into Greatness

Whenever I take an AMP dance party spin class, two things are certain – I’m going to have a lot of fun and my body will be challenged by the intense workout. A few weeks ago though, I also got a huge dose of inspiration that prompted me to write this article. During the class,…
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Want to Hit Your Goals in 2024? Consider Choosing A Word of the Year!

With so much intelligence at our fingertips these days—both the artificial and homemade kinds—it’s no wonder that people can feel as scattered, smothered, and covered as their favorite order of hashbrowns. In fact, research has shown that the average human attention span is currently 8.25 seconds, just under that of a goldfish. That represents a…
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Want More Good This New Year? Use Gratitude as Rocket Fuel at Work and at Home

Gratitude, a positive state of mind in which you lead with appreciation, just might be the ultimate sustainable resource. After all, it’s easy to create on demand and has a low carbon footprint. Plus, being grateful is so positive for you on numerous levels. Studies have demonstrated numerous links between gratitude and improved health and…
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Make Your Comeback Greater Than Your Setback: 3 Ways to Pivot With Purpose

We’ve all had setbacks that affected us at work, home, or both at the same time. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always appreciated a great comeback story. Like Michael Milken, the former financier who went to prison for racketeering and securities fraud, was then released after two years for good behavior and has spent the past 30-plus…
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Unleash Your Inner Butterfly at Work – Why, and 4 Ways To Start

I’ve always enjoyed a great transformation story. Like when Han Solo evolved from living in the shadows as a smuggler into one of the leading heroes of the original Star Wars trilogy, or singer Adele’s healthy living journey after she started focusing on her well-being. But the most impressive transformation process is something I learned about in…
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Feed your mind to improve mood and overall wellbeing: here are 10 ways to do it better

When I was growing up, my first exposure to nutrition advice came courtesy of a 1970s cartoon PSA called “Time for Timer.” Within this retro gem, a bouncing animated character told us that we are what we eat, recommending some healthier options for breakfast and other meals that contrasted greatly with my Captain Crunch and Little Debbie-cake-fueled…
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Break Free Now: Recognize the 6 Telltale Signs You’re Stuck and Take Action

Kind of thinking you might be stuck, but aren’t sure? Let’s talk about that for a moment. The truth is that the feeling of being stuck in your professional or personal life—or both at the same time—is common. I define the term stuck as being at odds with your desired life circumstances. You don’t live…
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Free Up Your Mental Energy by Making This Summer a Season of Completion

It doesn’t matter where you grew up in the United States, or even when — just about everyone I know at some point had to write an essay or give a presentation about their summer vacation at the onset of the new school year. For me, that always involved two highlights — a road trip…
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