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Shira Miller is passionate about helping people claim the life they deserve.

With a deep understanding of how frustrating it is to struggle with self-doubt, the sought after Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), writer and speaker helps people get unstuck, activate their potential, and “unleash their inner rock star.” Shira also serves as the Chief Communications Officer of a $2 billion corporation.

Currently writing a book that provides a roadmap for getting unstuck, Shira’s personal transformations include maintaining a 50-pound weight loss for over 25 years; transitioning from financial upheaval to prosperity; overcoming health challenges and embracing wellness; finding lasting love post-divorce; and blending a corporate career with a purpose-driven life.

A regular contributor to Thrive Global, her story and opinions have been recognized in Shape, Health, First for Women, Quick & Simple, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution, Emory Magazine, bestselling business book The Power of Nice, and Trust Your Gut: How the Power of Intuition Can Grow Your Business.

Shira Miller
rocket girl

Gratitude Rocket Fuel: 5 Steps to Activate Your Amazing Potential


“Shira’s love of people and effective communication is evident in everything she touches. Her energy is endless, her passion is unmatchable and her laughter is contagious. She gets the job done no matter what, and everyone involved will have a blast in the process.”


“Shira is an incredibly positive person and a force of good energy. I had several sessions with her early in her coaching career; she is a thoughtful listener and supporter, and offered unique insight. I was struggling with how to tell a client that I didn't want to take on more work. Shira gave me spot-on advice that I continue to use today: ‘You can be flattered and still say no.’”


“It is not always easy to stay on track with health and nutrition. But I’ve learned from Shira’s example that you start anew the next day and just keep moving forward toward your wellness goals. Seeing her sometimes take a small step backward, deliberately pause and then propel even further ahead makes it easier for me.”


“From the moment she was born, Shira has been a great daughter, total go-getter and an amazing person who cares so much about others. However, she wasn’t great at picking out clothes in elementary school so I’m worried about her shoe choices for work and speaking engagements.”

— SHIRA'S MOM (a.k.a. Faye Miller)

“Shira has a unique and intuitive way of helping you discover and embrace your possibilities. My health, wealth and happiness are all manifesting in ways I could never have imagined before without Shira’s effervescent guidance and vision.”


“Shira Miller positively impacted my life in a way that no other business coach, life coach or self-help book has been able to. She pushed me to address areas of my professional life that were uncomfortable until I was able to knock down barriers that I had been afraid to address. Shira put me through a dynamic process of gauging my "happiness and satisfaction" in every aspect of my life and began her magic from there. Without her guidance, I would still be stuck in a negative work environment and unsatisfying relationship. Her impact on me will last a lifetime.”


Five things to know about me

  • 1) Public speaking changed my life.

    Discovered it at age 14 upon joining the debate team. People wanted to hear me talk extemporaneously about all manner of current events and thought-provoking topics, and I managed to win awards for it. Makes me glad I ignored my third-grade teacher, Ms. Rainey, who paddled me for chatting too much in class. I traveled to debate tournaments around the East Coast, working at my parent’s delicatessen to fund those costs. Being exposed to super smart peers at these events made me think bigger about the world at large, and what might be possible for my future – and that speaking prowess helped me get into Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Now trying to get me to shut up is a little like asking Beyoncé to tone down her fierceness; it’s just not going to happen.

  • 2) Refined sugar is my frenemy.

    Growing up in Columbia, South Carolina back in the days when avocado-colored kitchens were all the rage, I considered Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and frozen dinners with the mini chocolate cake square dessert to be the height of great taste. By age 25, I was 50 pounds overweight with Oreo cookies constituting one of my primary food groups. Cut back on processed sugar when I lost weight back in the day, but it was only in my late forties that I realized how refined sugar – you know, brownies, cakes, ice cream, candy bars and the like – literally drained my energy, caused a mental fog and triggered moodiness. Broke up with it for good in early 2018 when writing my book chapter on creating and eliminating habits and now just turn to real fruit for a taste of sweetness.

  • 3) Got bit by the travel bug.

    Sure, I barely passed my high school German class and didn’t travel much beyond the U.S. in my twenties or thirties because of either time or cost barriers. Started exploring more in my forties and when I turned 50, decided that this decade was going to be about seeing the world. So far, I’ve visited the U.K., Paris, Rome, Venice, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Aruba, Cabo, Cancun and can’t wait to add more stamps to the passport soon.

  • 4) My name is deceiving.

    Shira is a Hebrew name that means “song”; my parents weren’t particularly religious but liked the way it sounded despite the unforeseen implications of a whole slew of substitute teachers who completely butchered the pronunciation during my formative years. However, it was like naming a miserable woman “Joy.” While I love to sing, even full-scale auto-tuning can’t mask how bad it sounds. Now I just warble along with Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift loudly in the privacy of my car.

  • 5) I’m obsessed with pop culture

    From obsessing over the clever dialogue in Deadpool movies to recognizing names of 80’s tunes before Shazam has a chance, I’m a big pop culture buff. No surprise if you’ve read my blogs, right? Happily admit that my daily news intake includes visits to and in addition to online portals for Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review and Fortune. Sometimes you need to check out Reese Witherspoon’s upcoming projects or cute photos of the U.K. royal family’s kids to balance the latest headlines on CEO shifts, economic performance or global politics, right?