Ready to become Free and Clear?

Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want

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Ready to become Free and Clear?

Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want

tedx tn stop the apology speak
Free and Clear: Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want


Free and Clear

Get Unstuck and Live the Life You Want

If you want to get unstuck, gain more fulfillment, and thrive - read this book! Shira Miller shares an engaging roadmap that will help you change your life.

Dorie Clark, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Long Game

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Shira Miller

It is frustrating to feel like you are not living in alignment with your desired circumstances, goals, or purpose. Maybe you’ve put the needs of others above your own and are now ready to live for yourself, or perhaps you have struggled with self-doubt or embracing your authentic self. I know those circumstances all too well.

My goal is to help you get unstuck, transform, and fulfill your amazing potential.

It’s time to break your chronic state of “stuckness” and live Free and Clear!


“Shira’s love of people and effective communication is evident in everything she touches. Her energy is endless, her passion is unmatchable and her laughter is contagious. She gets the job done no matter what, and everyone involved will have a blast in the process.”


“Shira is an incredibly positive person and a force of good energy. I had several sessions with her early in her coaching career; she is a thoughtful listener and supporter, and offered unique insight. I was struggling with how to tell a client that I didn't want to take on more work. Shira gave me spot-on advice that I continue to use today: ‘You can be flattered and still say no.’”


“It is not always easy to stay on track with health and nutrition. But I’ve learned from Shira’s example that you start anew the next day and just keep moving forward toward your wellness goals. Seeing her sometimes take a small step backward, deliberately pause and then propel even further ahead makes it easier for me.”


“From the moment she was born, Shira has been a great daughter, total go-getter and an amazing person who cares so much about others. However, she wasn’t great at picking out clothes in elementary school so I’m worried about her shoe choices for work and speaking engagements.”

— SHIRA'S MOM (a.k.a. Faye Miller)

“Shira has a unique and intuitive way of helping you discover and embrace your possibilities. My health, wealth and happiness are all manifesting in ways I could never have imagined before without Shira’s effervescent guidance and vision.”


“Shira Miller positively impacted my life in a way that no other business coach, life coach or self-help book has been able to. She pushed me to address areas of my professional life that were uncomfortable until I was able to knock down barriers that I had been afraid to address. Shira put me through a dynamic process of gauging my "happiness and satisfaction" in every aspect of my life and began her magic from there. Without her guidance, I would still be stuck in a negative work environment and unsatisfying relationship. Her impact on me will last a lifetime.”