How to Lead with Love

When Jo Ann Herold first donned the McDonald’s Hamburglar costume as a part-time store area representative at age 16 to entertain kids at their birthday parties, it seemed like a fun way to make extra money. She couldn’t have dreamed that first foray into foodservice would lead to a remarkable career as the chief marketing officer of iconic global brands like Arby’s, The Honey Baked Ham Company, and Interface. Being a purpose-centered executive has been critical to her success every step of the way.

Now, Herold is sharing her insights and wisdom with Living On A Smile: 16 Ways to Live a Big Life and Lead with Love. Part memoir and part leadership guide, the book takes readers through her story and provides actionable takeaways and inspiration for living and working with purpose and passion.

“I have over 30 years of brand and marketing experience,” explained Herold. “I used my professional branding work to write this book on purpose, passion, mission, and values and how they can be applied personally. Each chapter has an area, or a workbook, where the reader can develop their own purpose, vision, mission, and goals.”

Written from the vantage point of someone who was the sole woman in the room for many years, Living On A Smileallows Herold to show admiration for those who stood before her while improving professional progress for current and emerging leaders.

Interested in leading with love? Here are 3 ways to do that and gain a bigger life:

  1. Start by defining the principals, beliefs and ideals that guide your behavior. For example, Herold’s personal motto is “good goes around” and one of her core values is being of service in the world. That purpose has defined many of her professional and personal choices. The award-wining marketing executive has helped major brands focus on eradicating childhood hunger and promoting sustainability in the course of doing business. She also volunteers her time as a member of multiple non-profit boards.
  2. Pay it forward. The concept of paying it forward is based on being kind to others and as a result, you will create more goodness in your life and the world at large. Herold embraces this concept so deeply that an entire book chapter is dedicated to it. “I like to do kind things for others when no one is watching,” she said. “We all need others in lives to grow. The human element is critical to get ahead professionally. Paying it forward can be good advice, writing a recommendation, going to lunch or kind words to others about someone.”
  3. Value mentorship. It is important to have great mentors and be a mentor yourself in order to grow and thrive. The most successful mentor-mentee relationships are a two-way street where you are learning from each other’s perspective. Seek people you admire and request a video call, coffee talk or a meal to share their expertise and determine how you can them too. Be sure to stay in touch along the way as you both grow and develop. I have the pleasure of mentoring some wonderful people right now and want to give a shout out to @gabbyfelice for being so proactive about the process. Within her book, Herold honors great personal mentors like Dr. Ken Bernhardt and Hala Moddelmog.

What is your leadership style? Have you ever lead with love and if so, what impact did that have on your career?

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