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Posts by Shira Miller

Want to crush 2020? Here are 3 things you should stop doing

  Drum roll, please…we’ve just started a new year and decade all at once. After binging vintage videos of Barbara Walters saying “this is 2020” and perusing inspiring messages on social, chances are good you’ve thought about setting goals and resolutions. After all, 40% of Americans do just that each year. But if you really…

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This Decade, I Dropped the Need to Apologize For No Reason

Have you heard about those huge alligators that live in the New York City sewer system? Or how mixing pop rocks candy and soda can make your stomach explode? Then there’s that story about the woman who apologized too much, even when there was nothing to be sorry for, and all of that stress caused…

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Science says meaningful conversations make you happier – here’s how to have more of them

When considering what I’m thankful for this holiday season, meaningful conversations top that list. That unexpected realization was prompted by having dinner with a long-time friend a few nights ago. We initially met when I was his Resident Adviser in college, around the same time that the first Die Hard movie debuted (yippee-ki-yay indeed, Bruce Willis) and…

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4 Ways to Find Your Tribe

It took me a while to find my groove growing up. Over the course of a decade, my mom enrolled me in activities like ballet, jazz dance, gymnastics, soccer, piano lessons and art. I was mediocre on a good day and inevitably quit after putting a year or two in due to lack of interest…

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6 things I learned from doing my first TEDx talk

I’m a big believer in having a Bucket List – you know, that list of meaningful accomplishments or fun activities you want to experience before dying one day, hopefully in the distant future. While some people might aspire to go skydiving or hike the Himalayas, one of my bucket list items has been giving a…

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Why getting sick ultimately gave me a better life

Forget horror movies that feature creepy clowns, possessed dolls or chain-saw welding maniacs. In real life, stress is a far scarier thing. It can stalk you for years, waiting in the shadows while insidiously wreaking havoc on your physical and mental health. That was certainly my experience. — Published on November 4, 2019

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5 Ways To Let Go Of A Dream – TEDxBoggyCreek

Shira Miller TedX BoggyCreek

I’ve always dreamed about speaking at a TEDx event. In 2019, that wish came true when I was lucky enough to deliver two TEDx talks about ideas I wanted to spread within three months of each other. At TEDxBoggyCreek on September 27, 2019, my talk topic was 5 Ways to Let Go of a Dream.…

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5 Ways to Get a Better Night of Sleep

Tried counting sheep or drinking a warm glass of milk, but still having a hard-time getting to sleep at night? Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have found that about 25 percent of Americans experience acute insomnia each year. However, sleepless nights don’t have to be your norm. Here are 5 ways…

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4 Steps to Infuse Your Life with More Authentic Positivity

Do you call yourself the voice of reason when everyone else is getting excited about a new opportunity or project? Get filled with pride at playing devil’s advocate or brag on your social feeds about always keeping it real, even if that often means being the “Debbie Downer” in the crowd? Being honest and engaging…

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