Stop the Apology Speak – TEDxBayRidgeWomen

TEDxBayRidgeWomen - shira miller

I’ve always dreamed about speaking at a TEDx event. In 2019, that wish came true when I was lucky enough to deliver two TEDx talks about ideas I wanted to spread within three months of each other. At TEDxBayRidgeWomen on December 15, 2019, my talk topic was Stop the Apology Speak. Stop the Apology Speak…

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How to become an “A” student in the Art of Deep Listening

In RUN-DMC’s catchy 80’s hip-hop tune “You Talk Too Much,” the artists castigate people who never shut up, right down to the line “Your mouth is so big, one bite would kill a Big Mac.” in this world of polarizing presidential candidates and non-stop social media rants, their lyrics continue to resonate as society overall seems…

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