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Create a Powerful Career by Prioritizing Self-Care


Want to crush your professional and personal goals? Then make self-care a top priority. While some people believe that focusing on self-care is selfish, there is nothing inconsiderate about prioritizing your well-being. Taking good care of yourself – through setting boundaries, exercise, improved nutrition, taking breaks, exploring fun hobbies, practicing mindfulness and more – enables you to thrive at work and home, be more present for loved ones, overcome obstacles, increase your energy and bring more goodness into your life overall. However, you may wonder how to continue prioritizing self-care when dealing with everyday stressors like a demanding job, your family, economic fluctuations and so much more. This presentation helps you learn how to make self-care a priority in even the most challenging environments and build lasting success.

Participants will learn:

  • Why it is more important than ever before to embrace well-being
  • How self-care can help you thrive professionally and personally
  • Tips for making self-care a priority
  • How to create healthy boundaries
  • Steps for quickly getting back on track when needed

Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, Author, Certified Coach and C-Suite Executive

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“Energizing. Inspiring and engaging. Transformational.”

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Five Reasons to Book Shira

  • 1

    You’ll Feel Seen.

    Where you are, Shira has been—and she can tell you how to navigate through it and emerge on the other side—triumphant. Getting unstuck is her superpower, and Shira is passionate about teaching people how to do the same for themselves. Over the past few decades, she has transitioned from financial ruin to prosperity, chronic health challenges to a constant state of wellness, obesity to sustaining a healthy weight, divorce to lasting love, and an unfulfilling career to a purpose-driven life.

  • 2

    Blueprint for Action.

    A passionate teacher, Shira’s audiences leave with clear next steps towards creating a life and work that you love.

  • 3


    Shira Miller has a rare gift for putting an audience at ease and simultaneously creating engagement and inspiration. She doesn't stop at inspiration alone—that would be the work of merely a "motivational" speaker. Shira is much more than that! She is truly a transformational speaker.

  • 4

    Creates Connection.

    You will feel like you are chatting with an old friend. With Shira, you will experience deep insights and new clarity, all while laughing along to her intimately relatable anecdotes. By the end, the entire room will feel like community. She has a natural ability to bring out the best in others and to summon the art of storytelling to bring forth ideas that work.

  • 5


    Shira takes the time to learn about your group or organization ahead of time and asks the insightful questions to discover the best way to impact and connect with your audience. With Shira, no two events are ever the same!

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