addiction to technology

Break your addiction to technology by creating healthy usage boundaries

Sometimes I feel like digital devices are like the proverbial bad boyfriend you can’t live with or without. At first, there’s that sense of heady excitement at the newness of the relationship. You can stay connected with work, friends and family 24/7! Tap one button and get instant updates on news, your financial portfolio, snarky celebrity gossip or that GoFundMe you are supporting to help a friend pay for cancer treatments. But after a while, that excitement wears off. You just want some alone time to think without constant alerts, texts and notifications causing constant distractions. Determined to step away from your device without having to craft the “it’s me, not you” speech that a human relationship would require, you foolishly think that it’s going to be easy. After all, people were perfectly fine back when a beeper, landline, written note or fax were the only options for staying connected, right? Then how come less than 10 minutes later, filled with FOMO (a fear of missing out, and yes that’s a thing pervasive enough to now appear in the Oxford Dictionary), you covertly grab that smart phone and start the cycle over again…

— Published on October 9, 2018

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