I’ve always dreamed about speaking at a TEDx event. In 2019, that wish came true when I was lucky enough to deliver two TEDx talks about ideas I wanted to spread within three months of each other.

During TEDxBayRidgeWomen on December 15, 2019, I discussed Stop the Apology Speak.

TEDx BayRidgeWomen

Stop the Apology Speak

Have you ever sabotaged yourself professionally or personally by apologizing for no reason? Women especially say they are sorry when they haven't done anything wrong; no wonder a study at the University of Waterloo in Canada found that females apologize more frequently than men. It can be easy to slip into that habit of apology speak, which is what Shira Miller calls it, in order to diffuse tension or avoid being disliked. But there is a steep price to pay. When you constantly over-apologize or make self-deprecating comments to hide your awesomeness, it diminishes the value of your ideas and accomplishments in every part of your life. This talk presents four ways to break the cycle of unnecessary apology speak, helping people of any gender who over-apologize gain more confidence, credibility, well-being and influence.

At TEDxBoggyCreek on September 27, 2019, my talk topic was 5 Ways to Let Go of a Dream.

TedX BoggyCreek

5 Ways to Let Go of a Dream

What did you want to be when you grew up? Whether you dreamed about becoming a ballerina, fireman or a professional athlete, research has shown that nearly 8 in 10 adults didn't realize their childhood aspirations. But what happens when you’re working toward that dream for years or even decades, only to have it devastated by factors out of your control? Or, let’s say that dream no longer works for you and you’re trying to figure out a way to break-up with it when society focuses so much on never giving up – because sometimes you should. This talk presents 5 ways to let go of a broken dream gracefully, move on and build a more fulfilling life.