Experts Weigh In: Where Do You Go to Get Out of a Creative Rut?

“The quickest fix locally (in Atlanta, GA) is to head to a local spin studio called Burn where the classes feel like a disco dance party on a spin bike; getting lost in the great music, high energy and leader board that shows how you are doing in the class shuts down the work part of my brain and lets me just be in the moment. It always refreshes my perspective, allowing me to return to work with more gusto for writing, planning or issues management. If I’m looking for bigger inspiration, I go to Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. First started going to that destination spa in 2007 on a Girl’s Trip and have been there eight times. Perhaps it is the desert location, which is so different from Atlanta or maybe it is the spiritual energy from vortexes onsite. While there, I take long cardio walks in the desert pathways and engage in spiritual experiences that have ranged from Shamanic Journey to Astrology. During those retreats, I found the inspiration to make a career change (four years ago) and last year, started writing a book (and am working on it now diligently). The clarity I get there unlocks my creativity, makes me more effective at work and keeps me focused on wellness. Love it so much that I had a painting commissioned inspired by Canyon Ranch that hangs in my office to help stoke my creativity.” — Shira Miller, Chief Communications Officer, National DCP


Published on July 25, 2018

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